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INCLUDES: audience research, campaign architecture, production of collateral, implementation of ads, monitoring and optimising of all metrics, delivery of targeted and qualified leads.

WHY? After years of teaching and coaching more than 25,000 people how to generate traffic using online ad campaigns, it is clear to me now that while they understand the process they do not want to invest the time in setting up, managing, and optimising their ads. Based on these facts and the constant question of ‘can you do this for me’ I’ve decided to pause all training programs to focus on production and management of ad campaigns for clients.

WHAT? This is a tailor made solution that is bespoke to your business, your product, and your audience. You get consistent traffic to your offer and website via the various marketing methods I use. You have a professional with a long history of results working on your campaigns to get the best results. You get to focus on your new clients and forget about things like marketing implementation. You get a direct return on your advertising budget that is trackable and quantifiable.

WHERE? All the magic happens on the web! So our project and communications are facilitated using online technology and software. There’s an opportunity to meet up when I visit the USA in 2016 but outside of that everything happens in a virtual, online world.

WHEN? The current roster of clients is full and we’re busy implementing. The next opportunity to start would be December 2015 when I will accept an additional 3 clients only. After that point I wont take on new clients until March 2016. This is because I keep a limit on the number of people I work with so everyone gets the best of me and I don’t spread myself thin.

HOW? You just need to admit something has to change in your business and be ready to delegate the task of traffic generation and list building. First we’ll need to discover the needs and metrics that are particular to your business, then I can proceed with creating the strategy and producing the campaigns.

WHO? This is for website owners who want to increase their volume of traffic, increase the quality of their traffic, while improving the conversion ratio of their traffic.

  • You must have the required resources and infrastructure in place so that the traffic is being monetised efficiently.
  • You must be willing to invest at least $5,000 per month on your advertising.
  • You must have a high profit product or service that has enough margin in it for revenue share.
  • You must be prepared to scale your business as a result of the increased flow of paying customers.
  • You must have systems in place to deal with the burden of additional leads and more clients.

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