Social Upsell. LOS ANGELES MASTERMIND 2016 | Nick Peall. Entrepreneur, Marketer, Public Speaker



Members only discounted seat at our LA MASTERMIND
on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of March 2016

Attendees are going to get the guided tour of how to go from ‘complete newb’ to being confident as a ‘hands on marketer’ as well as an ‘efficient outsourcer’ in case you want to delegate campaign setup to staff or a virtual assistant

So basically, no matter how much of a newb you are or how far behind you might be, this mastermind is going to be all about taking you from your current position… onto a basic understanding level… then onto a higher level of experience and knowledge.

You can use that knowledge to create campaigns for yourself, to create campaigns for clients, or to give clear instructions to someone else who handles the creation while you focus on the ideas & strategy.


Get complete access to the intensive 2 day event where we setup & implement sales funnels LIVE!

* 1/2 day of masterminding to share knowledge and find custom solutions for each persons business & product
* 1/2 day of sales training to learn how to gain more customers and have them buy repeatedly from your store
* 1/2 day of advanced Facebook advertising methods for getting large amounts of traffic for a super low cost per click
* 1/2 day of video marketing training where we setup and publish a short 30 second video ad for our main product


We’ll be in the sky suite at The Westin South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.
Click here to book your own room for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

westin sky suite

westin suite

Westin Cosa Mesa

westin pool

Hotel Location & Contact Details :


686 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa,

California 92626

Phone: (1)(714) 540-2500

Click here to book your own room for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


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Nick and I are new friends, he came HEAVILY recommended as there has been a buzz of really cool list building stuff he’s been doing on facebook and for those of you on my list you know I love facebook.

I was really excited after learning Nick is literally building subscriber lists of a hundred thousand people, he builds them so easily that he has actually given away a 200,000 person list.

You don’t do that type of thing if you don’t know you can just go back and build it all again tomorrow.

I’m able to talk about this stuff as someone that has implemented his strategies and the systems he teaches. I had my social media guy follow Nick’s methods to build a list quickly and the results we got were phenomenal!

There is nobody else talking about the things Nick has figured out, it’s cutting edge information, so I’m speaking from experience when I say his strategies work. If you’ve ever been frustrated with list building or achieving ROI, then you’re really in the right place dealing with Nick.

ryan deiss

Ryan Deiss