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You gotta fly with eagles

You gotta fly with eagles

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in fast business profits, success mindset | 2 comments

There is a saying that your own income will be the average of your 4 closest friends. That might not hold true 100% of the time but I do know one thing that is a complete fact: the people you surround yourself with and allow to influence your mind will dictate how far you go in business. Quite simply, if you spend your time hanging around and listening to pigeons then you’ll only ever be a pigeon that feeds on scraps.

If you hang with eagles then you’ll think like an eagle and realise that you can fly anywhere and feast on much more delicious things than just breadcrumbs and scraps in the bin.

The power of influence cannot, and MUST NOT, be underestimated. We have this thing in Australia called tall poppy syndrome. You might not find it in a dictionary, but pretty much every Aussie knows that the culture here (more so in the past than present day) dictates that if you grow tall and reach for the stars you’ll have everyone around you trying to cut you back down to size.

This can be a double edged sword! Because before you’ve even made it to the top and reached your dreams, everyone from your family to your closest friends will be telling you all the reasons why THEY think you shouldn’t go out and succeed. With family, it’s mostly because they want to ‘save’ you from the pain of failing. With friends, it’s mostly because they don’t want to be reminded that they’ve already given up on their dreams and are too scared to get out of the comfort zone that is a salary paid career.

I understand why friends and family do this, I’ve been through it myself, but this is the exact reason why I keep secret squirrel about my plans. Meaning I don’t tell them about my business ideas or profit strategies until they’ve already been accomplished. After all, when you’re trying to create something that hasn’t done before the last thing you need is people telling you how they see it based upon their scarcity mindset and self liming beliefs.

What I do instead is share my plans, dreams, fears and obstacles with my inner circle of eagles… with my mentors… with my mastermind groups. That way you are only taking in positive, constructive input while receiving inspiration and motivation from those that actually understand what it means to run a successful business.

So be careful who you surround yourself with and beware telling your dreams and goals to people that have no experience in that area. If you don’t already have eagles, mentors, or successful people you can talk to then make the decision right now today that you’re going to find them. There are mentors you can pay, masterminds you can join, networking groups you can get involved with.

A word of advice though: don’t be a leach. Eagles don’t want to carry a brick around everywhere they go. So make sure there is a fair exchange of energy and knowledge happening. Make sure you are contributing to the relationship, or at the very least pay your way.

Now go out there and FLY!



  1. Love that last part. You can grow to become an eagle by contributing to the eagles you want to associate with. Find ways to add value and you develop the skill of adding value… which helps to make you an eagle :)

    Great article Nick. Keep up the writing!!

  2. Scott! Great to hear from you, thanks for the comment. It’s definitely important that you help those you are looking to receive help from… it’s a little part they leave out when telling people to surround themselves with successful people.

    I appreciate the feedback, if there is anything you would like me to write about in future articles just say the word :)

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