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The importance of time off work

The importance of time off work

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in fast business profits | 0 comments

Just got back from a short surfari with my brother and nephew down to the northern coast NSW. We do this road trip every new year, it’s bit of a tradition to make sure my nephew get’s some quality time with his Dad and Uncle (given that he lives up the top of Qld and we only see him once a year). This years trip was cut short for me and I almost didn’t go because of how important January is in terms of business. I love holidays as much as the next guy, I make a habit of taking one at least every 2 months, but at the start of the year when I have so many things to get done it was really hard tearing myself away from clients and the computer.

Our departure date to get on the road was approaching and all that was going through my head was this loop of ‘you can’t go away Nick, you’ve got things to do and you wont achieve them while on the road’… which is just another way of saying ‘you’re a slave, you can’t leave, you must remain in your home office prison foreverrrrrrrrr’.

I questioned myself and explored the thought process, only to discover that I was worrying for nothing…. ‘work’ for me includes 3 things: wifi connection, macbook, skype. If I have those 3 things, then I don’t need to be physically tied down to a fixed location. So then the solution was simple, all I needed  was to buy myself a wireless broadband dongle so I could use wifi while on the road (by that I mean some remote beach or headland that we’ve arrived at in search of uncrowded surf).

Sounds simple right? To be honest, it was simple… but in my mind for a few days there I was actually telling myself that I’d be unable to get away this year, I was unable to do my work from anywhere but the office, I wouldn’t be able to complete my work while on the road at such a busy time of 2013. Yet the reality was different, far far different! Sometimes you gotta question the stuff that goes on in your head because often it has no basis in reality and can be the opposite of the truth.

So off we go, driving 4 or 5 hours south to a sleepy little beach town by the name of Evans Head. For those that know me, understand my love of point breaks. The town of Evans Head (about an hour south of Byron Bay) probably has a population of a few hundred, that figure increases to a few thousand for the summer holidays as you can imagine. Even still, it was uncrowded and felt like back in the 80’s before development and corporations took over our coastal communities and beach villages. On the drive down it was pelting rain with 30 knot winds, the ocean looked angry and the surf was messy, then the wind swung and started blowing from the south which means we now had a cold front to add to the equation. One word: YUCK!

I’m happy to report that after the windy, rainy, cold, yucky day ended we were greeted with high pressure, blue skies, no wind, full sunshine, a few clean feet of swell, and just a few smiling locals out in the water. We were greeted by dolphins in the line up and as always it makes your absolute day when you get to share waves with ocean creatures that have the sole purpose of having fun in the surf just like us.

We had perfect weather the whole time. I managed to get a good wifi signal at the camping ground too which means I could communicate with clients via email and skype each morning, just like I do at home. Because I wasn’t tied to the computer all day, it gave me some perspective on the projects I am usually immersed in. Perspective is good! Being away from something you love is good. Having time off work to enjoy your hobbies and family time is goooood. As a result, I’ve been able to get some new direction and motivation from my time off…. which means I return to work today with gusto and full of energy. I have a great business and lifestyle already, but the first few days back in the office after time away is always super productive for me.

So there you have it! When you think you can’t do something, after processing the steps it’s often clear that you can do it. Plus you should always make a habit of getting out of the office and break free of work mode. Thanks for the awesome weather and fun waves this trip hughey. What a magical start to the year, I am really loving 2013!


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