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22 Easy Copywriting Tips for Fanpage Marketing

22 Easy Copywriting Tips for Fanpage Marketing

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A big reason why I love pinterest, is because of the creative and informative infographics you find there from friends. I’m into social media, and my network of pinterest friends also pin content of this type. So just this morning, rather than check facebook as usual, I started my day looking over the latest selection of pinterests on my ipad. Then the title of one in particular caught my attention “22 Ways to Create Compelling Content [Infographic]” so I thought it would be useful to share it here…

With facebook marketing, as most experts will agree, the failures come from campaigns or fanpages that do not engage their audience. So the solution is simple, engage them! Ask questions, write opinions, send links, share videos, ask for feedback, give away photographs, etc etc

The trick is to constantly send out visual material that catches your viewers eye, while also asking for review or feedback. Make sure the content is related of course, pick it based upon what your demographic or niche want most. For you guys, that follow my facebook marketing stuff, this post is a great example…

You’ll find my comments and tips below the infographic :)

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content


So copywriting Tip #1 is always a winner! Curation is not only simple and enjoyable, but the end result is of huge value to any interested reader. This is like a win win situation in my book, as I get to research and learn new things (when compiling blog post opinions) plus it creates a conversation where I can give input on the content of the blogs or sites I reference.

Copywriting Tip #4 is one of my personal favourites, because I always enjoy talking to accomplished people. It could be someone in my professional network, or someone that I’ve looked up to for a long time. This is another win win situation, as you can connect with someone famous or successful while also creating valuable content for your audience!

Copywriting Tip #6 is often overlooked, but in my opinion one of THE best ways to motivate people to act. It’s one thing when you, the marketer, explain what to do. But when they see someone similar to themselves doing it, they seem to get a spark of motivation. The thought is “oh if they can do it, I can do it!”. So be sure to collect case studies and success stories

Copywriting Tip #10 takes a lot of heart, but it will win you BIG kudos on social media. If you admit your faults, thats a GOOD thing. People can relate to that, we’re human after all, we make mistakes. When you admit your mistake, along with what you learned and how you fixed it, then others are inspired to change or adapt. Be brave, put it out there, be positive!

Copywriting Tip #12 is AWESOME for facebook marketing, because everyone here is into celebrity gossip or entertainment content! Tie in what you’re talking about, with a movie or it’s character, and watch your likes and impressions go through the roof. Folks don’t care about the purple cabbage diet…. but if Lady GaGa lost 15lbs eating it, then people will click

Thanks to copyblogger, keep up the great work!!

Enjoy, share, comment :)


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