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10 Tips For Quick Business Results Online

10 Tips For Quick Business Results Online

Posted by on Jan 8, 2014 in fast business profits, internet marketing | 0 comments

I’ve always been a fan of action lists, they’re so easy to understand and follow!

So for that reason, I’ve put together this list of 10 quick things that will help you get fast results online while the new year is still kicking off…

  1. Buy some traffic, right now, today!

    With pay-per-click (PPC) traffic you can quickly and easily generate targeted prospects and visitors then send them to a landing page on your website so that you can create new conversations with your audience while finding ways to serve them*I think it’s worth noting that most people are wasting their time and energy on free traffic methods.While it’s great to generate web visitors for free, the methods used to achieve this are often inconsistent and unsustainable. If you are serious about your business and want to see results you can quantify, then purchasing traffic is the only way forward in my opinion after dealing with both free and paid traffic since 1997
  2. Get a new landing page & fresh message

    If you are sending traffic to your homepage and hoping they will figure out how to purchase, then it’s time to get yourself a customer landing page that talks directly to the audience and mentions the exact problem or solution that is relevant to them.Make sure you focus on just one product or service while speaking about the exact benefits (rather than just features) on your landing page. Make it obvious which problem you are solving and how the outcome will look to your customers after they take action.A website has so many different things to consider, which is why a landing page puts the focus on just one core topic and solution for the viewer to consider.
  3. Capture their name and email (or phone number)

    Using an email marketing platform (like GetResponse or InfusionSoft) gives you the ability to create a web form that is placed on your website or landing page. Make sure you have that in place along with an incentive for visitors to share their contacts.
  4. Write 3 or 4 quick email templates (swipe files)

    Once you start building your list of contacts and emails, make sure you spend about 10 mins writing a few quick email templates that can be loaded up into your email marketing platform to be sent out automatically each time a new contact joins your list.
  5. Make it clear how your audience can take action

    Explain in your communications how your prospects can go from where they currently are, to the place (or result) they want experience. Outline the start and then each step to get to the finish. When your listeners have clarity they can move forward.take action
  6. Use the power of social proof to position your product

    People inherently trust the word of other people more than they will a sales person. This is why recommendations and referrals help people to make a purchase, because they can see somebody has already bought and can testify to the results.
  7. Ask direct questions about problems or obstaclesYou can go out any hour of the day and find people on the Internet that want advice or have a problem to share. If you are in the business of solving problems, then a quick way to find new leads is by networking and connecting with potential customers online.
  8. Find a Joint Venture (JV) partner to do a commission dealSometimes you don’t even need to deal directly with a customer to see new business profits. You can partner up with somebody that has a database of prospects or a customer list, and you can provide something of value to them while sharing the profits.
  9. Invest in a marketing method with proven results

    You don’t need to be an expert on a subject in order to get results, at the very least all you need is the step by step process along with instructions on how to implement. Don’t feel the need to study for months, sometimes it’s best to save time and act fast.
  10. Harness the power of a business coach or mentor

    The best athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs all invest in coaches or mentors to help them reach the top of their field. People that do things on their own will always hit a self imposed glass ceiling. If you want to reach the next level, be brave enough to invest in yourself by seeking experts that can see your whole situation and find the problems or tweaks that you are blind to. If you want different results in life and business, then you have to do things differently to the past.If you want to learn more about any of the methods I’ve spoken about here, you might want to consider investing in training…



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