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Entrepreneurs Marketing Bootcamp

How to Make Your Business Thrive Online in 30 Days

Get on the fast track to success and profits using my proven blueprint of Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs!

End the frustrations and obstacles involved with getting your business idea off the ground by following a formula…

  • Discover how to create or upgrade your website without the need for expensive web designers
    (saving you thousands of dollars and avoiding weeks of dealing with designers)
  • Find the best places to list your website so that customers know exactly how and where to find you
    (flooding you with new prospects and consistent leads that want  what you’re offering)
  • Learn how to use social media to promote your business without the need for spending money
    (using viral contests or giveaway promotions that are simple and free to setup yourself)
  • Create information products like ebooks or membership websites to generate passive income
    (so you can make something once and sell it multiple times without additional effort)
  • See how successful sales funnels work and recreate them for your own product or service
    (all using systems and templates that are proven to generate profits already)

Why Should You Follow Someone Else?

There is a very good reason why some entrepreneurs achieve consistent success, while others seem to repeat a pattern of failure. It all comes down the subject of systems. Some people have a proven forumla that they use each time they start a business, but most never make it to the point of success because they never had a system to follow in the first place.

To obtain a system for business success you can either figure it out by learning from constant mistakes and failure, or follow a formula that has already been proven to work. But why waste your time and money on mistakes? Wouldn’t you rather follow a system that gives you the answers and instructions needed to succeed?

So what happens once you receive the systems and instructions in the Entrepreneurs Marketing Bootcamp? You also receive ongoing support and guidance in the live coaching sessions held twice a month. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your business to receive immediate attention and solutions specific to your situation.

What’s The Reason For Doing This?

Why have I put together this Marketing Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs? Because most people who come to me for advice are unable to afford my mentoring program that starts at $12,000. So I’ve put together this group coaching program that combines all of the same information without the need for high cost daily 1on1 sessions. This means you can work at your own pace and seek assistance when you are ready.

When Can You Start The Bootcamp?

You can begin straight away! Join today and access the first lessons of the bootcamp immediately so there is no delay in starting your 30 day journey to success.

Where Does The Bootcamp Happen?

Directly on your computer, an ipad or your smart phone! The information and instructions are delivered to you in an online learning environment allowing you to follow lessons at home in your spare time or at the office during work hours. There are no restrictions either, you can access the bootcamp 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As long as you are a valid bootcamp member you receive full access to all online lessons and the live coaching sessions that happen on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

How Much Does It Cost You To Join?

This is a 30 day program where you can choose either the $297 option for group coaching, or $8,000 for 1on1 mentoring.

What Are The Features Included?

Online Business Startup Kit

Entrepreneurs Marketing Blueprint

Bootcamp Monthly Coaching