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Want to end your losing streak of new product tests?
Tired of setting up multiple ad campaigns every day?
Would you rather someone else take care of testing for you?
How about getting access to all of my own tests every week?

The cost to test 5 products per week is around $50 in ads
For a similar investment, you can obtain the results from 25 tests
That means you get 5x the amount of data for the same money
Plus you won’t have to spend time finding & advertising new products

So no more testing work for you… with 10x the amount of valuable data.
Imagine what you can do with the knowledge that comes from that many tests.

Even if you picked just 1 niche product each month from testing it’s paid itself off
Scaling up 2 products per month would give you a healthy cash flow that’s consistent

Your sales and income potential is based on what you want and need each month

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Subscription Service Includes :

– Results of ecommerce testing campaigns
– Current best selling products and niches
– Sales trends and seasonal cycles
– Social media traffic statistics

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