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Jennie Brown, Nick Peall, Andrew BairdAre you searching for an online marketing system that really works?

Do you want to learn step by step how to generate new sales on the Internet?

Would you like to gain access to a global audience of potential customers?

YES! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for guaranteed methods that generate new leads and convert more sales.

Welcome, my name is Nick Peall (that’s me in the photo) and I would like to invite you to my next Internet Marketing Workshop I’m holding in Blenheim this April.  In a minute I’m going to explain a bunch of reasons why you should attend the workshop… but first, I want everyone to know the reasons why I am delivering this event…


  1. I genuinely love teaching and helping business owners & marketers succeed on the web! Originally I started working online because it seemed like an exciting thing to do back in 1997, but during my 16 years I’ve learned that I have a skill for explaining technical methods in easy to understand terms that anyone can follow. As they say, you should do what you’re good at, so this is why delivering marketing workshops is a big part of what I do these days.
  2. I have a long history teaching more than 16,000 people around the world create success. I’ve been a full-time Internet marketer for about 5 years now, which basically means I derive all of my income from working at home on the web. My best year so far generated just under $1.8 million dollars but on average I make a few hundred thousand dollars per year by doing very little. I had to go through a steep learning curve to go from zero to six figures to be honest, and it’s those very lessons that I want to share with you at my online marketing workshop.
  3. This event contains all of my proven methods and most valuable marketing secrets. I’ve been going to Internet marketing seminars for years and became pretty fed up with all of the pitching that they do to make you buy more stuff… and not to mention the complete lack of value or original content that’s presented at those events. I figured out pretty quickly there is a much better way of doing events and I put an insane amount of care and effort into each of my workshops. The quality and information I provide is always first class, just listen to the feedback and testimonials further down the page…

So look thats enough about me! This event is really all about the people who are brave enough to attend, so lets put the focus back on you!


blenheim workshop



Who Should Attend This Marketing Workshop?


Well anyone that has a business, a product, or a service and wants to increase their income by making more sales online. You may wish to increase the exposure of your brand, maybe you’d like to promote yourself to a wider audience, or maybe you just want to work a few days a week behind the scenes without ever having to talk to a prospect or deal with a customer.

The systems I teach have been used by a wide range of industries and produced results in more than 35 countries already. Plus you get 1on1 mentoring (AS A FREE BONUS) to ensure that we cover any specific details you’re after while also closing any gaps between your expectations and the content I deliver.

Most events give you ‘cookie cutter’ style training and then leave you to figure out how to implement things on your own. I give you personal attention before and after the event, to ensure we clear obstacles and create an action plan with step-by-step instructions.


Why Should You Invest in The Workshop?


It might be to expand your awareness of the many ways to create profits online… maybe to discover new methods for marketing and converting sales… perhaps it’s so you can get up to speed with where digital business is moving in this fast age… or it might be to generate passive income and  gain financial freedom…. no matter what the reason, it all boils down to one main thing: this event is guaranteed to show you exactly how to use the Internet to work less hours while generating more income.

An important reason you should consider, is the fact that if you do not change your methods then there will be no change to your results. So if you are serious about improving your business and increasing sales, the only way you will achieve a different outcome is by improving your systems.


What Do You Receive at the Workshop?


  • You get complete access to every single tip, secret, and method that I’ve learned after 16 years of working online
  • You get 5 comprehensive modules of training with a complete big picture view of how to market yourself online
  • You get an intensive and enjoyable learning environment where you receive instructor led training
  • You get 1on1 attention and expert mentoring to ensure you don’t get left behind and overcome obstacles
  • You get to meet and network with a group of motivated entrepreneurs and marketers just like yourself
  • You get a first class event at a five star venue with an expert speaker who genuinely cares about your progress
  • You get a complete satisfaction guarantee! Which means there is nothing to risk and everything to gain!

It’s not often you’ll find an event that gives a money back guarantee, but it’s not often you’ll find a workshop of this quality either. I stand by my training and delivery 100% which is why I can offer a complete warranty! I’ve been helping businesses succeed online since 1997 so you can rest assured when I promise you tangible results and an amazing training experience.


Why Take Action Today and Buy Your Ticket Now?


  • Because let’s face it, if you wait a few days or weeks to think about it then you’ll possibly forget and miss out
  • Because if you are serious about reaching bigger goals in 2014, you won’t delay in taking action right now
  • Because of that age old saying, you need to invest money to make money
  • Because even if this is out of your comfort zone, doing something different is the only way to change your results
  • Because everyone that attends my workshops recommend it to their friends, which is rock solid evidence it works
  • Because this is what you’ve been looking for… and if you figure out that this isn’t a fit, you can get your money back


Deep down inside, even if you are a bit afraid, you will know if this is a good fit for you or not. So listen to your inner voice or your gut instinct and make the choice that is right for you. After all, it’s your life and business that is going to reap the rewards from this investment so if for nothing else, do this for yourself to ensure you have a big year in 2014 and reach all of your income goals.

With so many different websites and marketing methods out there, it’s hard to know what you should focus on to get results. Most people are doing the wrong thing or using outdated strategies when it comes to online marketing. So if you want to succeed on the Internet in the shortest possible time, it’s important you learn from someone who has proven results already.

By attending the workshop you gain access to marketing systems and methods that have already helped almost 3000 entrepreneurs get results online. You get the full overview along with each step of the process, making it less confusing when you implement these strategies into your own business. Nothing is held back in these training courses, you get the complete formula explained and demonstrated in front of you by an expert with a long history of success online.


Delivered by a Recognised Expert & Internet Business Mentor 


Catherine Newton, Jody Jelas, Nick Peall

My style of teaching is no-nonsense with minimal jargon so that each topic is easy for you to understand. I’ve been speaking on stage since the age of 19 and have presented to audiences all around the world, often along side some of the biggest names in marketing, and still manage to win awards like ‘best presenter’ and ‘highest earning speaker’.

Even though I love public speaking and teaching at marketing events, I regularly turn down $20,000 speaking jobs in favour of spending more time at home in Noosa with my alaskan malamutes. Lifestyle is super important for me, so business always comes second to family and beach time. At most I speak 3 or 4 times per year so I encourage you to take action or you’ll miss out on this opportunity to grow your business and take your income to the next level.

“I believe that making money in business is the easy part, what I most enjoy is finding new ways to challenge and increase the numbers you are making”.


A Comprehensive Course for Smart Marketers & Entrepreneurs


nick peallYou get full training and live demonstrations on:

– How to find more customers daily using the Internet
– The best ways to convert website viewers into buyers
– Online marketing methods that suit your business type
– Ways to improve your own systems to work less hours


This is a ‘hands on’ one day workshop that teaches how you can use the Internet to find more customers and generate more sales. Each delegate attending the workshop receives personal attention with 1on1 mentoring so that their specific problems are identified and solved.

This begins with a discovery session on skype or phone before the event, where your exact goals and targets are outlined. Custom designed advice will then be prepared and delivered to you at the event, along with a follow up session after the workshop to ensure you are on your way to achieving results.

nick peall frank kernThere are a total of 5 learning modules plus 2 live mentoring sessions over the duration of the workshop. Worksheets will accompany each module so that you are creating an actionable plan as you progress through the 1 day event. Upon completion, you’ll have a clear outline and strategy document showing what needs to be done in order to achieve profits from the Internet.
The event is limited to just 16 delegates. Included in the price of the workshop is a five star lunch and afternoon tea, created especially for us by the in-house chef.

By keeping the group small, there is more time for interaction and personal attention which means you receive more advice that is specific to your business and product type.


Please take note that this is not simply a learning event, you will be actively working on your business development and marketing strategy throughout the 1 day workshop. Plus the mentoring sessions (conducted on skype or phone) before and after the event ensure that you are on track to achieving results.  


Michael CopelandNick is someone who is true. He is a rare person in that he gives more of himself and doesn’t expect anything in return. He is always willing to help anyone. Nick is very knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook, Facebook Marketing, and online marketing in general. Whenever I need some serious help, I contact Nick because I know I will get true and honest responses and I can trust him.

Michael Copeland

Jeffrey NeilNick is a not simply a Facebook or “social media expert”. He is also someone you can trust to provide bottom line results using his methodologies. Most importantly he is one of those rare people, that truly cares, and will always go above and beyond to ensure that you achieve results. I have seen him repeatedly overdeliver to his clients and customers. For that reason alone he is someone worth working with.

Jeffrey Neil

Clement WONGNick stands out in a wild wild west community as a beacon of integrity. He make sure the team is moving and assures results. I have seen the way he interacts with his Clients and I must say WOW. Hire Nick for your business and watch for REAL results.

Clement WONG

Robert GrantNick is honest, trustworthy and reliable He is a true expert social media marketer and treats his students and clients with true caring. The success of his students and clients is always Nick’s number one priority and he always goes the extra mile.

Robert Grant

Casey ZemanNick is one of those rare individuals who practice what they preach. Nick is one of the TOP online strategists and Social Media Experts in the world. He is also one of the nicest guys out there and his community knows it. Considering he has been able to build one of the largest online. His Mastermind Workshop (where he teaches sales conversion techniques) is literally worth millions. You can come away from his teaching and course and carve out a whole new business model that can gain traction from day one.

Casey Zeman

Los SilvaNick is not only the Leader in Facebook Marketing world wide but He is also a man with great integrity and that is a rare feature in business. He is a wealth of knowledge and he teaches tried and true techniques and goes above and beyond in helping his clients. I would recommend in anything but especially in business and I recommend anyone really looking to grow their brand and business online hire Him TODAY!

Los Silva

Jason DrohnI’ve worked with Nick on a number of projects and can’t say enough about him. He knows his stuff. In regards to high converting webinars, social media marketing and establishing a brand, there are very few that match his level of expertise. Plus, he’s just an overall great guy

Jason Drohn

Pete CraigNick’s knowledge of Social Media marketing and his ability to share that knowledge is first rate… helping create profitable Social Media marketing campaigns across several different markets with incredible results. A focused and results driven individual who really values his clients and their needs I highly recommend Nick to anyone who wants to increase their online visibility, promote their products or services online or wishes to master this particular area of marketing for themselves – thanks for all you help Nick

Pete Craig


Workshop Timetable. Thursday April 17, 2014


workshop features - traffic8:00am till 9:30am

“How to Find New Customers Everyday”
Guaranteed methods for reaching your audience and generating a passive stream of new leads who are interested in your offer



9:30am till 10:30am

“Process of Converting Sales Online”
A complete start to finish guide of converting traffic into paying customers on the web using landing pages that influence your audience


workshop features - email10:30am till 11:30am

“The Secrets of Ethical Email Marketing”
Treat your database and target audience like they’re your best friends. Discover my email scripts & autoresponders that increase conversions



11:30am till 1:00pm

Lunch Break


workshop features - sales funnel1:00pm till 2:00pm

“Using Multimedia in Sales Funnels”
Methods to increase your online sales with using video marketing and podcasts. Use my proven storyboards that grab attention & create desire



2:00pm till 3:00pm

“Social Media Marketing Strategies”
How to avoid the same mistakes that 90% of people make when using social media. I’ve spent tens of thousands to deliver these winning strategies


3:00pm till 3:30pm

Afternoon Tea Break


workshop features - mentoring3:30pm till 5:00pm

“Live Mentoring Sessions”
Question & answer time to brainstorm your ideas or solve specific problems. This is your chance to get custom advice to suit your type of business




Workshop Tickets


$2,500 Full Workshop Access for One Person

tick  One day live workshop of training & mentoring (worth $12,000)
tick  Two bonus 1on1 business mentoring sessions (worth $2,400)
tick  Social media marketing strategies
tick  Traffic & lead generation systems
tick  Email marketing methods & swipes
tick  Multimedia storyboards & scripts
tick  Technical support and help 



Feedback From Recent Workshop Delegates
















Held at The Scenic Hotel Marlborough


scenic hotel

scenic hotel

scenic hotel

scenic hotel map

one day workshop


“Nick Peall’s courses and training systems have been endorsed by many of the top online marketers so by attending this workshop you are assured of the most up to date methods with case studies to prove results.

During this full day marketing workshop you get completely unrestricted access to Nick and his 16 years of online experience working with business owners and marketers around the world.

With a full money back guarantee you have nothing to risk and everything to gain. Make the most of 2014 with a change in your thinking and systems to get bigger results than ever before. Guaranteed”









john reeseI’ve been quite a skeptic about facebook and some of the claims being made as far as using it for marketing. But things have changed and I’ve become converted, I’ve changed my opinions on things, and that’s due to one person… his name is Nick Peall. He’s really opened my eyes to what can be done with marketing. So many people see facebook as this huge thing, where you can go to get an easy result and make a bunch of easy traffic and easy money, but that’s not the case. There are very few people that have figured out how to make good money from using facebook and can do it cost effectively, but Nick has got it all figured out. So it’s really changed my tune about facebook marketing, I’m back on board and excited again. There is a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of it is just a bunch of BS unfortunately, but you and your business can really benefit from following Nick Peall’s advice.

John Reese
“Mr Million Dollar Day”

Internet Marketing Legend

ryan deissNick and I are new friends, he came HEAVILY recommended as there has been a buzz of really cool list building stuff he’s been doing on facebook and for those of you on my list you know I love facebook. I was really excited after learning Nick is literally building subscriber lists of a hundred thousand people, he builds them so easily that he has actually given away a 200,000 person list. You don’t do that type of thing if you don’t know you can just go back and build it all again tomorrow. I’m able to talk about this stuff as someone that has implemented his strategies and the systems he teaches. I had my social media guy follow Nick’s methods to build a list quickly and the results we got were phenomenal! There is nobody else talking about the things Nick has figured out, it’s cutting edge information, so I’m speaking from experience when I say his strategies work. If you’ve ever been frustrated with list building or achieving ROI, then you’re really in the right place dealing with Nick.

Ryan Deiss
“Mr Ten Million Per Year”

Internet Marketing Legend

eben paganThe first thing I want to do is encourage you to take notes when Nick Peall is speaking, because when he talks you’re going to get all sorts of new and exciting techniques for online business. I can pretty much guarantee you based upon my experience and what people tell me about Nick, you’re going to gain a lot of knowledge from him. He has shown me some great techniques for marketing and can teach you how to build lists with tens of thousands of people rapidly, often within a matter of hours. Be sure to watch this guy and stay tuned!

Eben Pagan
“Mr Forty Million Per Year”

Internet Marketing Legend

rich schefrenStrategic profits has coached Internet marketers for the past 9 years, through that time we’ve had most of the marketing gurus go through our program. Recently one of my clients mentioned that he had generated around 50,000 fans on facebook within 48 hours. When I heard him say this, which is such a large result, I said ‘wait a second, did you just say you got 50k fans in 2 days, how is that even possible?’. He proceeded to tell me it was because of what he learned from Nick Peall. I didn’t believe my client so I had to go and check the facts myself and when it was proven I was blown away. So then I told Tom Beal and my staff about this amazing statistic that was shared by one of our clients, then instructed them to track down Nick and find out what he knows about facebook marketing.

Rich Schefren
“Original Guru To The Gurus”

Internet Marketing Legend



Workshop Tickets


$250 Full Workshop Access for One Person

tick  One day live workshop of training (no bonus mentoring)
tick  Social media marketing strategies
tick  Traffic & lead generation systems
tick  Email marketing methods & swipes
tick  Multimedia storyboards & scripts


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You get everything promised here on this page plus an amazing experience at a first class venue. You are entitled to a full refund during the event if you feel that the information and training does not meet your expectations.

$250 SPECIAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DISCOUNT: Members of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce are entitled to a $2250 discount off the normal price of a workshop ticket. Simply register at the bottom of the page for the $250 special price


blenheim workshop



I proudly stand by my event and all of the information included which is why I offer a guarantee you’ll be more than happy with the training experience and my performance as a business mentor.


nick peall

nick peall

(that’s me in the middle with my friends Ian Bass & Chris Farrell)


Please remember that my standard rate is $12,000 per day for marketing training and mentoring so this full day workshop represents outstanding value for an affordable investment. You receive proven marketing systems and business mentoring with my iron clad promise of massive results including a complete money back guarantee