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2016 Bali Retreat for Entrepreneur Performance

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I am filled with gratitude and optimism as I write this…

It’s a warm summer morning here in Noosa, there’s no wind today so I’m surrounded by the sound of waves breaking on the beach outside my bedroom. The sun has been up for over an hour so the air is getting hot, I can already sense I’ll be surfing and swimming 2 or 3 times before the sun sets tonight.

In between ocean time today, I’ll spend a few hours helping clients and also working on various Internet marketing campaigns.

It’s not like I’m working out of a hammock in my boxer shorts type stuff…

but I get to wake when I want and work on my business for around 4 to 5 hours while spending time at the beach.

Days like this are why I love being an entrepreneur!

Because to me, business means lifestyle choices.

I never cared for being the boss of others, I just didn’t like the idea of others bossing me.

So for many years now, I’ve called my own shots and allocated my daily time where I want.

Sometimes I spend weeks on end studying, at times I’ll work for months launching a new business concept, and then I’ll decide to take a year off work to just be at the beach and be a travelling surf bum.

While travelling over the years I’ve thought of running a mind + business retreat on 1 of my favourite islands in the world: Bali, Indonesia.

Because 2016 is the year of stepping up, I am making the retreat a reality, rather than just a dream in my mind.

I am making this happen… and you’re invited!





5 days to clear the mind and detox the body while downloading new programming for improved Entrepreneur Performance.

We begin our experience in Ubud, the spiritual navel of mother Bali. You’ll stay at my favourite resort in the rice paddy hills beside a crystal clear mountain stream that leads to one of the oldest restaurants in Ubud, Murnis Warrung.

Everyone will fly in on Sunday and check-in to the resort before we begin on Monday, then check-out on the Saturday which is the morning after the retreat ends.

During weekdays, we’ll enjoy a daily routine that looks something like this…




Each morning begins with a walk through a small mountain track that leads to a bridge across the river. First we hydrate with water and then have either local coffee (kope luau) or fresh ginger tea. Then after a quick walk back to the resort we meet to outline activities for the day ahead while enjoying breakfast beside the pool…

Monday + Wednesday will include :

9am – 10am . traditional Balinese ceremony to bless our group and bring good fortune

10am – 12am . we mastermind to produce custom solutions for everyone in the group

midday . lunch at the restaurant followed by a short walk

2pm – 3pm . traditional balinese full body massage at the health spa

3pm – 5pm . marketing training session to cover workshop material

sunset . time to chill out and unwind

7pm . group dinner and live entertainment

Tuesday + Thursday will include :

9am – 10am . everyone does a 2 minute pitch in front of the group, to share their business

10am – 12am . we mastermind to refer contacts and help each other sell services/products

midday . lunch at the restaurant followed by a short walk

2pm – 3pm . yoga classes for beginners and advanced (you choose)

3pm – 5pm . business strategy session to cover workshop material

sunset . time to chill out and unwind

7pm . group dinner and live entertainment

Friday includes :

9am – 11am . everyone shares their vision statement for what’s next in business and life

11am – 1pm . we go on a short tour to see the ancient forest and castle (with lunch)

1pm – 4pm . we create individual action plans to align with each persons vision statement

4pm – 5pm . chill out time before dinner

5pm – 7pm . cocktails & tapas beside the pool

7pm . group dinner and live entertainment

9pm . shuttle bus into main street Ubud for music and partying in reggae bars




To be accepted for the Bali retreat you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have 2 years experience running a business or creating wealth
  2. Be willing to implement online marketing in your own business
  3. Have a desire to generate a minimum of low six figures this year
  4. Be willing to travel to an exotic location for an awesome experience
  5. Have the required resources, time, and budget to invest in this




First you need to apply to join the retreat by filling out the details in the form below. From there, I will be in direct contact to review your situation and discuss if the content at the event is a good fit for you and your business model. If accepted, you can then pay your deposit to secure a seat at the retreat and either enter a payment plan for the remaining amount, or simply pay in full.

Your investment covers the following items:

5 days access to the retreat & all sessions
5 days of high end training for improved profits
5 days of treatment like traditional massage & yoga
5 days of entrepreneur masterminding & networking
5 days of direct access to me for 1on1 mentoring & advice
Shuttle bus from airport to the hills of Ubud and back again
As much water, tea, coffee, and fruit as you want each day

You must arrange the following items to attend:

1 round trip flight to Denpasar Bali from your current location
5 nights accommodation at our chosen Ubud resort, or nearby
Pay for your lunch and dinner each day (breakfast provided)


My standard rate for 1 day of workshop training is $2,500…
so 5 days adds up to $12,500

Access to my mastermind events typically cost $1,000 per day…
which adds up to $5,000

Just based on those features alone, this retreat is valued at a
minimum of $17,500… and worth every dollar!

Here’s why it’s worth it too…


The upgrades to your mindset mean you’ll aim higher and achieve more results.

The week of treatments will allow your body to operate on a higher level.

The direct coaching and mentoring from me will put your business on a clear plan for leveraged profits.

I’m providing 3 different strategies to increase your business income, you only need 1 to cover the retreat.


Especially when I’m offering a special one-time price that’s heavily discounted… so you save over $12,000

First you have to apply to make sure this is a good fit for you, me, and the group participating at the retreat.

If accepted you’ll be invited to deposit $1,000

Then to complete your registration and attend the event with us you can invest the remaining $4,000 in 4 spread out payments or a 1 time amount.

For a total of $5,000 you’ll get at least 5 days of high quality training and masterminding with direct access to me for custom advice.

If you want to stay longer after the retreat in Ubud and join me for some surfing plus scuba diving on the east coast of the island then you can tag along for an additional 3 days to make the most of your trip to Bali.

Special bonus for action takers : if you want to invite 1 other person to the retreat and they’re accepted, I’ll comp the bonus 3 days of beach time + scuba diving + boat rides + beach side bungalow for you both.

Now is the only time I can offer you this price and package. In future, the retreat will be a minimum of $12,500 and it won’t include the bonus 3 days of recreation time where we enjoy the beach and watersports.

This week you can apply to receive the special rate of just $5,000… so I invite you to share your details via the form below and I’ll be in touch with you directly right away!

Thanks for taking the time to read about the Bali retreat and I hope to see a wide selection of entrepreneurs at the resort.

Here’s to a massive year of next level results in our business and lifestyle.

Nick Peall