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60 day coaching program

Are you unsure of how to find customers and generate new sales online? Would you like someone to guide you through the process? Then this is the coaching program for you! Join now to get a 2for1 deal…

Join to receive new lessons and live training each week for a full two months, teaching you how to launch a profitable web campaign of your own. It doesn’t matter if you have a business providing services or want to launch your next product idea – you’ll get the required attention and guidance to achieve online success.

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Getting started with Internet Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, but having a coach means you are in good hands and won’t fall behind when things get difficult. Here are some of the benefits of joining this special 60 day program:

  • Discover which types of Internet Marketing are best suited to your business and your customers
  • Learn how to generate traffic and leads within 24 hours
  • Gain access to proven systems and methods
  • Establish a clear strategy to get you to your desired business goals using the power of the Internet
  • Begin taking action in the first week for fast results
  • Reinvent your marketing strategy to leverage the web

Even if you do not have something to sell online yet, this coaching program will show you how to find hungry buyers that are ready to spend money. This type of knowledge means you can pick what to sell online based upon the demand and popularity rather than just making wild guesses about what will work. You might even find a better product or service than the one you are currently offering. What’s important is that you pick the right direction in business with the correct strategy so you can produce a profit with minimal effort or investment.

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By joining the 60 day coaching program you gain access to all of the profitable systems I’ve used over the past 16 years. This gives you multiple options to choose for yourself and allows you to implement only the methods that are proven to work.

First we need to look at what your current level of skill and understanding is so that a tailor made marketing plan can be created. You’ll be involved with every step of the process, ensuring the final blueprint and action plan is perfectly suited to you and your target audience. Once we outline your customer demographics, it’s much easier to find them using online marketing methods.

methods being taught

Each week of the program delivers new and exciting course modules that show you how to get started online using different methods that are proven to work. I’ve spent years mastering these particular topics and have included them in the program because they are your fastest path to success and profits.

  • social media – how to use facebook ads
  • social media – how to increase your fan base
  • social media – how to convert leads to sales
  • internet marketing – how to run your own webinar
  • internet marketing – how to create your sales page
  • internet marketing – how to accept payments online

included in the program

You get a new lesson each week along with instructions and homework to complete. We have a group coaching session via a live webinar each Monday to ensure you have a schedule to follow for the week ahead. By the end of the program you’ll have the ability to start using the marketing methods taught in your own business along with the support required in setting them up.

The program begins Monday September 30 and runs through till the last week of November 2013. If you join before Monday 25th of September you receive a special 2for1 offer that allows you to bring a friend, colleague or business partner into the coaching program. That means a saving of $3000 and ensures you will stay on track with the program by having an accountability partner by your side.

bonus workshop

You also get to attend my live weekend workshop (plus bring a friend) in Auckland where I give you an inside look at my profitable Internet marketing campaigns and social media projects. I’ll be sharing my most successful methods while teaching you the step by step process of replicating them for yourself.


$3000 special offer

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