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My $300,000 Weekend

I’m Sharing the REAL Reasons Why I Generated Success & Seven Figures With Internet Marketing (Plus the $300,000 Weekend with Ryan Deiss)


Here are the main topics I’m going to cover:

  • My struggle going from $12k to $180k to $1.8M
  • How I went from 1 webinar sale to 100 overnight
  • How I attracted over 1,500 customers @ $997 each
  • What it took to make $300k on a single webinar
  • A brief look at the average person in IM
  • Your rewards and riches from the right choices
  • How you can create your 6 figure success story


ryan deiss“Nick and I are new friends, he came HEAVILY recommended as there has been a buzz of really cool list building stuff he’s been doing on facebook and for those of you on my list you know I love facebook.

I was really excited after learning Nick is literally building subscriber lists of a hundred thousand people, he builds them so easily that he has actually given away a 200,000 person list.

You don’t do that type of thing if you don’t know you can just go back and build it all again tomorrow.

I’m able to talk about this stuff as someone that has implemented his strategies and the systems he teaches. I had my social media guy follow Nick’s methods to build a list quickly and the results we got were phenomenal!

There is nobody else talking about the things Nick has figured out, it’s cutting edge information, so I’m speaking from experience when I say his strategies work. If you’ve ever been frustrated with list building or achieving ROI, then you’re really in the right place dealing with Nick.”


Ryan Deiss


My struggle going from $12k to $180k to $1.8M

As you’ve heard me share before, my first year of fulltime IM was both exciting and disappointing! I spent over $100k and only managed to make about $12,000

After trying so hard for an entire year, every single day, believing that IM was going to be a guaranteed pay off, I started to worry

When all my savings ran out, I felt desperate and very afraid that IM wasn’t going to work and this was all a pipe dream

I thought about the pain of failing and giving up. That I might have to go back to working a job for the man. That scared me more!


I chose to get serious at the point, I changed my approach to IM and the things I did on a daily basis. I was way out of my comfort zone and had a great deal to lose if I didn’t make things work!

Decided I was going to make back my $100k investment that year

I stopped buying shiny objects & chasing every single new method that the gurus talked about

I gave up my pattern of starting something then quitting it when things become hard or no longer exciting

Started to focus on what worked for me and stopped doing the things that weren’t producing results for me

Stopped wasting time on forums and social media chit chat

That year I managed to make about $180,000 profit

There was no longer fear or uncertainty about IM, I knew without a doubt and had proven it works when you make the right choices and decide to take things seriously

I had a new sense of confidence and wasn’t sabotaging my results by doing pointless, time wasting things each day


In my third year, I finally realised the potential of IM and decided to generate seven figures within 12 months

Totally changed my rate of action and the people I was listening to

My first webinar was in February, I just returned from speaking at Mark Anastasi’s facebook marketing summit in London.

I was super excited about the webinar as I’d heard so many good things about the sales conversions and results

How I went from 1 webinar sale to 100 overnight

So I had no idea how to do a webinar, I assumed it was like show and tell. I made a powerpoint presentation with a bunch of wacky photos and statistics thinking that was all it took

I got on the call with over 200 targeted prospects that were interested in social media. I was sharing my FBX methods

I made 1 sale = $697… I felt like a complete failure!

That night was tough, I had to face my fear and failure

I had to decide if I was going to give up and blame the world for tricking me into thinking webinars were the greatest…

… or accept I was the reason I only made 1 conversion on the webinar and commit myself to improving and learning more

I turned to my mentors and asked for critique and feedback

After reviewing the recording, one mentor sent me a list of 7 things I needed to change in my webinar presentation. Which I did…

I presented the same webinar, just slightly modified, the very next night with Russel Brunson…

After 2 hours of presenting I gave the audience a refined pitch that was the same as the previous, just with a few additions

The result was majorly different. I made 100 sales and generated just under $70,000 using the same offer and presentation


Changed my mindset and rate of action, commited myself to presenting as many webinars as I possibly could

Made a hit list of the top IM gurus and set about setting up JV deals with every single one. Managed to get most of them, was presenting webinars every week or more!

Had my first $50k month. Then $100k month. Then $100k day

Now I wanted to do $100k in an hour. 6 figures in 60 minutes

My good friend Mike Hill lined up a JV deal so that Ryan Deiss would promote my webinar and facebook marketing program

We had over 3000 people register and maxed out the webinar with 1000 people before even starting the presentation

I rocked out for 3 hours. Made $126,000 within and hour of explaining the pitch. I had just made six figures in 60 mins!

With replays over the weekend, I had generated $300,000

What it took to make $300k on a single webinar

I had Ryan Deiss introduce me at the start of the webinar

I showed some photos of my dogs (as you’ve also seen before)

I spent 2 hours delivering amazing content and held nothing back

I spent 1 hour doing live Q&A for everyone on the call

I explained there was a special bonus worth $1500 for everyone that joined, and that the deal would end once the replay stopped

Ryan Deiss mailed his list for 3 days explaining why they should watch the replay

He shared the fact this was a time limited offer and they would get a $1500 bonus when joining now

He clarified that after the replay video came down, they couldn’t get the bonus or even join. I only accepted new members on webinars, they couldn’t sign up through the website


A brief look at the average person in IM

  1. buying IM programs, not completing them 100%
  2. telling people their goals, won’t take the required action
  3. getting excited about start up mode, not following through
  4. repeating the same pattern of failing, not learning from past
  5. saying they will make it no matter what, doing the same thing
  6. wanting to achieve big things and dollars, buying cheap advice
  7. looking for a proven method, following people with no results
  8. saying they won’t quit on their dreams, give up on tasks daily

A look at your results when choosing to remain stuck

  1. you won’t ever reach your goals and dreams
  2. you will continue to punish and beat yourself up
  3. your family will be proven right that it wouldn’t work
  4. you will have wasted all that time, effort and money
  5. you will feel like you didn’t deserve success
  6. you won’t ever reach your true potential in life
  7. you won’t experience the feeling of success
  8. you won’t get to enjoy the money and freedom

Your rewards and riches from the right choices

  1. to have financial freedom and limitless income
  2. you will feel relieved that you finally ‘made it’
  3. your family will congratulate your success
  4. your time, money & effort will not be wasted
  5. you will finally understand you deserve success
  6. you will begin putting your potential to good use
  7. you will experience the amazing satisfaction of success
  8. you can enjoy everything that money allows you to do

How you can create your 6 figure success story

  1. Face the fact right now today, you don’t have the right answers
  2. Admit that your plan isn’t working, or else you’d be there now
  3. Realise you are at a tipping point and must make a tough choice
  4. Understand if you keep doing the same thing, nothing changes
  5. Your past and current will be your future, if you don’t change now
  6. Put yourself in a position where cost of failing will really hurt
  7. Get out of your comfort zone if you truly want to make it
  8. Invest in yourself and your future with a proven model that works

So either keep doing the same thing with the same results…

Or decide to make a tough choice today, and make a change…

Either continue to struggle & fail. Or make a change to learn what works. Simple!

If you’re ready to admit you don’t have the solution and want to follow a proven method, simply fill out the form below with your details to apply for a discovery session with me. We can discuss the obstacles and patterns you’re repeating then identify the answers that will get you moving forward fast.

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